You've been guided here for a reason.

Nope, it's not a coincidence, my friend! 

 You are here to finally have a space to call your own and meet your needs through grief. Millions of people everyday struggle with the loss of a loved one and the beast of grief. 

I'm 29 year old Medium who has been bringing healing messages from above to those here on Earth for the past 10 years.Freaky, cool right? 


 I have a gift in which I am able to connect to your loved ones in heaven and bring fourth healing, comforting and precise validations.  My intentions are to bring hope to many, help release grief, and find peace while here on this Earth Journey. 
I have so many ways for us to connect!

And hey... you are loved and not alone on your journey. 

with gratitude,

Candace Dalton is a profound medium who is passionate about helping the living connect with the 'Other Side'.   Candace's mission is to help release the grief off the shoulders of many and give hope to those who are in deep emotional pain. Healing Messages From Above is to help others regain hope that you will be connected with your loved ones again after this earth journey. The physical body is just the outer shell to the soul and the soul continues on after death.

With Candace's precise and comforting validations she has been able to uplift thousands of people who needed to know their loved ones are okay. Death is a devestating part of life but she has helped many find strength, faith and a sense of peace through Healing Messages From Above.

 She was born and raised south of Boston, Massachusetts. Candace is 29 years old and resides in Los Angeles, California.

 In 2013, Candace had the opportunity to be on The Ricki Lake Show with her family for an epsiode. Candace believes you can never stop evolving so she completed the

James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts program for Psychic Intuitive Messenger and was fortunate enough to win a scholarship to take the Mediumship course at JVP school of mystical arts! 

Candace has her own podcast 'Healing Grace The Podcast' which you can find on iTunes or your podcast app! She also created an oracle deck 'Healing Messages From Above' in 2018 which you can purchase in her shop online! Check out Candace on Monica The Medium's Podcast, Wine & Spirits for Episode 12! Candace is madly in love with her soulmate Elando.  Her baby has 4 legs and her name is Nala. She loves her family & friends and is grateful for all of the support and love she receives from all around the world. 

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