My first blog EVER. Should be interesting.....

October 26, 2014

This is going to be my first blog ever.  I never thought in my life I would even have a blog nevermind have people read it?  I never liked to write as a kid but the last couple of years I have found myself enjoying writing- esepcially on a laptop- a pen would make my hand hurt. I always keep all of my thoughts inside my head but now, I am realizing I don't have enough GB in my own memory to store everything so I figured I will unleash everything here.  I plan on writing to you about anything and everything that has to do with my Mediumship life- as my personal life would probably scare you and make your jaw drop...kidding, but not really.  I plan on not making this a very proper blog as there may be swears, grammar errors and more... that is just who I am so I apologize to anyone in advance who is offended but I am only human.  I am really looking forward to this new journey  as I promised myself I will honor myself more, trust my God given gift and do things I never thought I would do. I have always anticpated the future but I am beginning to embrace the moment and be excited instead!  I figured I would start truly being in the moment by working on my own personal life which I have become proud of. I quit smoking cigarettes- 20 months November 8th. I came off anti-depressants (shocked I am sharing this but I am not ashamed), I also stopped drinking soda, I don't drink any caffeine...I know you're probably saying what the F? how does she function?....I dont.  I have dwindled down to going to fast food restaurants to once a month instead of going EASILY 3 times a week after my shows. I exercise by going to Mind Body Barre (AMAZING - check it out!) and the gym.  Okay, I told you I wasn't going to write about my personal life but maybe I'll throw a few things in here and there. I realized that by honoring my soul and body is how I was going to live a better life and be happy and ultimately, it has enhanced my gift greatly in a beautiful way and I am grateful.  Anyone can make changes. Life is how you live it. Believe in yourself.  Write more soon.  Peace my people.

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November 10, 2014

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