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November 16, 2014

I have had the honor of reading thousands of people for the last 6 years.  I have done readings at many venues, VFW's & American legions, hotel function rooms, homes, offices, salons, restaurants, California, Arizona, Florida, RI, etc etc etc....


I have also read people in the most INCREDIBLE and ODD places. 


For one of my odd places, when I was 18 I went to UMASS Amherst to visit my best friend Bonnie and clearly  I was there to party.  It's the Zoo! I was pretty "wasteface" as I like to call it and I became friendly with Bonnie's friends.  A girl and I went to the bathroom together and I was in one stall and she was in the other.  As we are "breaking the seal" (peeing) I ended up bringing through her grandfather.  Peeing and talking to the dead- always classy!

  (**I have learned the hard way -to any of my fellow mediums, do not read under the influence... you can bring in lower energies that you don't want lingering around you- not that the grandfather was a lower energy but definitely a dirty old man if he was in the bathroom with me! ;)

But beside my odd spot of peeing and reading... I have two amazing memories of readings I have done from one side of the country to the other that I would like to share with you.


Back in 2013, two of my best friends Brittany, Alicia and I took a trip to Vegas.  Life in vegas is such a crazy, different atmosphere.  If you've been, you know what I am talking about.  We ended up planning a trip to the Grand Canyon while we were out there and one of the days we had to get up at the ass crack of dawn to get on this big double decker bus and take a 3 hour ride to the Hoover Dam and the Canyon.  We climbed to the top of the bus and had the very front row- and I had an open seat next to me.  Feet up baby! There was a huge windshield infront of us with nothing blocking our view as we traveled through the desert----- I slept the whole ride. Girl's gotta sleep sometime! Just before we got to the Hoover Dam  I woke up and our bus driver was telling us what our plans were, how long we were stopping at the Hoover Dam and that we were going to be switching buses when we got to the dirt road that lead to the canyon. He said would be coming with us but another bus driver was going to drive us out there.  He had the whole bus laughing with his great sense of humor, kind energy and his laugh was contagious.


As we switched buses- it looked like an old 70's bus that was taking us off roading through the desert.  We all got on the bus and I had another open seat next to me! WHOOP WHOOP!  And we had a pretty packed bus! How lucky.  Everyone likes their own row- admit it! 


Our bus driver was a BIG boy and atleast 6ft+.  I'd say he had the stature of Vince Wilfork from the New England Patriots. He got on the bus with us and ended up sitting right next to me.  He took over 3/4 of my seat but I didn't mind he was a nice guy.  As we got rollin' he struck up conversation with me and asked what I did for work. "Here we go.." I thought. I told him that I was a Medium and I help release people's grief back in Boston, MA.  He immeidately was intrigued (you never know how people will react).  Britt and Alicia were sitting directly across from us and I peaked over and I could see their eyes wide open like deer in headlights and stretching their necks out to hear what I was about to say to this guy.  I could see them both crack a smile and they knew what was about to take place. All of my friends are extremely supportive and understanding in what I do I am so lucky to have them. LOVE YOU. 


As we took a good 20 minute ride  making our way to the Canyon I brought through the bus driver's father who had passed.  The goofy bus driver was now still with his eyes wide open as I confirmed validations to him from his father. I am pretty sure if I remember correctly his brother had passed as well.   Tears began to fall and I knew right then and there why I had an empty seat next to me.  Divine intervention.  I also told him there were a couple of his friends who passed from gang related violence.  Although I don't remember all the details I am kicking myself in the ass now wishing  I had wrote this down DANG IT.  I remember the relief he was given and  I could see the sadness he had buried for a long time lift off his shoulders.


We arrived to the Canyon and me and my girlfriends enjoyed the INCREDIBLE scenery, and I will never forget the healing energy I felt at the Canyon.   It didn't even seem real, I felt like I was looking at a green screen- until I looked down the canyon I knew it wasn't. Time was up and we had to head back to the bus. Standing there was our bus driver with atleast 6 other bus drivers standing in a circle listening to him tell a story... and he said, "There she is!" I wanted to hide.  As I got on the bus a couple said, " You're the Medium aren't you?!"  The bus driver told us you had read him, you made him so happy!"  He told me he called his mother and she was so happy to have a messages delivered to her as well.  It made my experience that much sweeter.

Wellfleet, Massachusetts down in Cape Cod. Have you ever been?  I highly suggest going next summer if you have never been- the beaches are so beautiful.  I was lucky enough to spend 3 summers in Wellfleet as I dated a guy whose family owned a house down there.  The house was so capey and was walking distance to the beach.. it was heaven! 


It was 4th of July 2013 and it was a HOT one.  I remember just drinking so much water because it was brutal and I am not much of a water drinker.  As we walked down the road to the beach that day- standing at the entrance was a police officer who was in complete uniform.  He was standing there because people could not continue driving down that road because at the end of the road was an empty parking lot and they were setting up for fireworks.  I witnessed so many people who bitched and complained and pissed and moaned to this police officer about not letting them down the road. He kept his cool and kept calmly telling people he was sorry but they could not go down there.  I was ready to deck someone for him.  This continued for atleast a good 6 hours. I walked passed him a few times as I went back to the house for whatever reason but I kept looking at him and wanted to talk to him. I didn't even know why! Did I feel bad because he was sweating his ass off on the 4th of July being bitched at when he could be enjoying the holiday? Yes he was getting paid but who deserves that? On one of my trips back to the beach it was finally about 430-5pm (my favorite time of day especially on a beach) and I offered him a water and he kindly said no thank you and  that's when we began talking.  As we were talking I asked him, " Do you believe in Mediums?" and he said "Like people who can talk to the other side?" and I said "Yes."  He looked at me with concerned eyes and I told him I was a Medium and I felt that someone was trying to come through to him.  I asked him if he had a spouse passed and he said Yes.  I said I had felt like I had trauma to the head and kept seeing a dog.  He said. " Did you just say a dog?" and I nervously giggled and said, "Yes haha a dog" ( Of course in my head I thought, "GREAT  I'm wrong and he's going to think I'm nuts- everyone has a dog Candace! But I saw it so I have to say it!!! I shouldn't have said anything to him I didn't even meditate before I read him?!?!") and he said " My wife tripped over our dog and fell down the stairs and died". 


My heart sank for him.  

As I connected and validated to his lovely wife who had incredible energy- I remember her reaching out to her children and told him she loved him so much. I reminded him that she likes to send him signs from Heaven- her favorite sign to send to him was a red cardinal.  The police officer was standing in the middle of the road with tears as he wiped them away quickly. 


He gave me a big hug and thanked me so much and said he couldn't wait to tell his kids when he got home.  As we finished hugging I happened to look up to the sky... I said "Hey, look up".  Sitting on the telephone wire directly above us was a red cardinal looking down at us. I went back to my beach chair and soaked in the warm sun that was slowly sliding down the skyline and watched the shimmering sunlight that bounced off the water.  In that moment I realized what I was destined to do.


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November 10, 2014

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