Battling negative energy that can go F$#K itself!

April 27, 2017


          Negative energy, BE GONE! 

Why does negative energy seem to easily seep into our souls quite easier, faster, harder than happiness at times?  Don't you just wish we could just put ourselves in a bubble and not feel negative energy?  I can possibly help guide you on how to do just that. Maybe not quite literally a bubble, but something close to it. Meditation isn't always easy, neither does dragging your ass to the gym just to get some dopamine just to relieve stress and negative energy.


But mother earth can always help heal without fail. 


Some of my weapons posted above.  The magic potion & more below Peace & joy my friends!




Sage. The good stuff. I imagine sage as my light saber saving me from all negative energy and battling off evil. This sacred herb clears away negative energy within our bodies and environments replacing the energy with balance and harmony. You can sage ANYTHING! Your body, your home, cell phone, office, car, even your cat or dog for heaven's sake! Sage will help release energies you've taken on from other people, places or things. It will also help release intense emotions such as sadness or grief.

But, how does it work you say? "The aroma of sage, for example, increases the oxygen supply to the brain, producing a relaxation of muscle tension. In addition, the smoke from some herbs actually changes the molecular structure of air and energy, producing a cleansing effect." (

Sage can be found at most holistic wellness stores. (MA locations: Collective Souls, Uplifting Connections, The Holistic Wellness Center)



Crystals. The incredible life saving, comforting "pet" if you can't bring yours with you! I am no expert on Crystals but I can say that crystals have impacted my life.  You can always find crystals in my home, car and even my purse. These powerful pieces of earth are great absorbers & transmitters of energy.  There are thousands of crystals that are useful for many different meanings.  


The big pink crystal pictured is Rose Quartz.  Rose Quartz is for unconditional love & infinite peace. 


"It (rose quartz) purifies and opens the heart at all levels, and brings deep inner healing and self love.  It is calming, reassuring, and excellent for use in trauma or crisis."

(The Crystal Bible) 


Crystals can be found at most holistic wellness stores: 

(MA locations: Collective Souls, Uplifting Connections, The Holistic Wellness Center

FL location: The Crystal Cave in Sarasota)


                             |Lavender & Eucalyptus|


Lavender & Eucalyptus.  Personally, two of my favorite smells and stress relievers. I am never without lavender oil. Lavender is known as a calming and relaxing herb and is used for insomnia, anxiety, depression, and natural stress relief. 


Eucalyptus is so soothing for the mind.  Eucalyptus spearmint from Bath & Body Works, works wonders for me. The aroma of these smells bring comfort, stress relief, anxiety relief and peace. Throw some of these oils/lotions on your wrists, neck or chest and you're good to sleep.


Courtesy of Mind Body Barre Lavender Oil (located in Norwood & Easton MA


                               |Archangel Michael|


  Archangel Michael.  The protector. The one who sees all. I call upon Archangel Michael every single day to protect me from any negative energies that do not serve me.  I do this before leaving my home, in transportation, before work and at night when I go to sleep. 


Imagine a beautiful white or purple light.  Breathing in this beautiful light to surround you and engulf your body entirely.  Ask Archangel Michael to protect your white light from any negative energies, emotions or feelings that do not serve you. 


“Dear Archangel Michael, please surround me, my loved ones, and my home with your royal purple light to dissipate and ward off any lower energies. Please guide me clearly so that I may only interact with people who are living in truth and integrity.” (Doreen Virtue)


 |Liquid Mind|


Liquid Mind.  One of my favorite albums to listen to at all times.  Liquid mind can be found on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes. Liquid mind has many different albums for meditation, deep sleep and stress relief.  Put this music on as you're driving in traffic, going to bed, or just need a moment of peace. Close your eyes and listen. 


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