Finding Happiness & Balance Through Grief

May 2, 2017


Finding Happiness & Balance Through Grief

by Spirit Medium Candace Dalton


It seems that grief is an evil beast that likes to suck out every ounce of energy from the mind body & soul. Interests have been lost, hobbies you once loved you could care less about. Friends try to lore you out of the house because they are worried about you. The sun just doesn't seem to shine bright anymore when dealing with intense grief.

Happiness & balance has been taken from you. Others deal with grief in another way. Some folks deal with grief quiet opposite. Staying far away from home, partying constantly. Always needing to be busy to eliminate the thoughts of grief and feeling of pain. Everyone is different with grief. Grief is not the same for everyone.

Finding happiness & balance

Give yourself permission to be untroubled & joyous
This is number one. Giving yourself permission. Your angels on the other side don't want you to have to mourn and grieve every single moment. When you find a slice of happiness, they want you to devour every single ounce of it. Take it all in. Indulge.

In those moments of happiness, jump on it. What are the things you love doing? They can be the most simple tasks. Taking a walk, reading a book, talking on the phone, taking pictures, sewing, exercising, yoga, hosting family & friends, cooking, painting, driving, sitting on the beach, writing, napping, eating, breathing, being.

Happiness can also be bigger than yourself. Traveling, introducing yourself to new people, joining a club or a group, finding something you enjoy doing i.e: Taking a photography class because you don't know how to work your camera and taking the leap of not knowing anyone there! (This was me this past weekend and I found the greatest joy from it)
Do something outside of your comfort zone.

Give yourself permission to be sad.
I want you to take this moment to yourself. What makes you really happy for YOURSELF? Not thinking about anyone else but you in this moment. I want you to put your phone on silent, close a door from any distractions and I want you to think of something that brings you joy. Now close your eyes for five minutes and Create.

Give yourself permission to go on a retreat for your soul
Bodywork. Vacation. Getaway. Road trip. Home to yourself. Meditation. Shopping. What does retreat mean to you? What is the first response that pops up in your mind when you think retreat? That's your soul and gut telling you what you need immediately. This is not out of your hands. You can make this happen for yourself. Begin to manifest. Balance



"10 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Retreat For Your Soul"

You can do it all by yourself. By experiencing new things, you change. You can learn something new. You can never have too many friends. Experience real "me time". Look around you. Ditch the phone. You can allow yourself to be FREE.

Do it for yourself and no one else.
Don't be so hard on yourself.

Click on picture below to read more on 10 reasons why  you should go on a retreat for your soul





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