Want to Finally Get What You Deserve in 2018?

December 31, 2017


I am sure you've heard of it.


BUT do you know how to manifest what you really want? What you really need & deserve? Have you always wished for something and you've gotten exactly what you DIDN'T WANT?


Maybe you manifested something like this:

"I want a new car"

"I want a boyfriend"

"I don't want any negative sh*t in 2017"


Possibly what the outcome was:

"I got a "new car" but it wasn't brand new and cost me more than I paid for it!"

"I got a boyfriend but he's not capable of giving me anything I needed"

"I can't believe the amount of negative shit that came into my life in 2017"


Get yourself a beautiful Notebook that speaks to you!


First and foremost- go splurge on a notebook that just makes you want to write in it! This is step 1!

(This may not be for everyone but for all of you visuals out there, I recommend it!)


I bought this notebook back in 2015 at Staples and was attracted to the colors and everything about it!

What do you want most?


Positive intentions placed out to Universe


On June 9th 2015, (My angel cousin Sean's birthday!) I began to write down what I wanted and I put it out to universe. For example this is what I have written in my notebook:


For myself

For my family

For my work

Financial Goals

Relationship Goals


Under each category- I became very specific. This is where you have to TAKE YOUR TIME and really think about what you want to manifest.

What Do You Want Most?


This is my handwriting in my notebook! What I really wanted was a man; the love of my life to finally come knocking at my door. And I got it! I didn't receive that man in 2015 or 2016 but I attracted my soulmate in 2017.


This is one of the strongest manifestations I pursued.


Below is some of what I wrote:


"To find a man who is tall, strong, big arms, beautiful eyes & smile, adventurous, LOVING, independent, hardworking, great sense of humor, understanding, sensitivity, TEAMWORK, loves to cuddle compliment me, surprise me with thought, easy going, everyone loves him, comes from an amazing family #1 fan of my gift, loves the beach! Wants to travel, wants to have children……."


Imagining already have it all!


After you write exactly what you desire, I want you to imagine ALREADY HAVING IT!


Do you feel the joy?

The excitement?

The love?

The happiness?


Imagine someone saying to you: 

"I am going to give you an unlimited amount of money to build your perfect dream home, what do you want?"


....you would be designing every damn inch of that house to be perfect, incredible, amazing, efficient and comfortable! Or would you just give them a bland description? - HELL NO! You want it all!


Be patient. Take a moment, close your eyes and focus on what would truly make you happy.


Do you feel the love of your life laying next to you? The warm happy feeling in your heart? The everlasting love?


Ah, financial freedom!! Can you imagine waking up knowing you have NO DEBT? No medical bills to pay off? No loans? No mortgage? Ah it feels so great!


Gratitude & Trust



I know, trusting the unknown and having gratitude for something you don't even have yet sounds silly. But really, what do you have to lose? You must have gratitude, a positive attitude as "LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE"


Have patience. This isn't necessarily going to happen over night. It is going to take some time. Always go back to that notebook and read out loud what you wrote. Keep the positive energy flowing and roll with it!


I wish you all a beautiful, happy, healthy, loving, creative, adventurous, spontaneous, full of belly laughs, positive energy and exciting new year ahead in 2018. Please know that any loved ones who departed from you in 2017 will carry with you into 2018, they do not get left behind, they fly with you.

Be blessed, -Candace

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