Are You Afraid of Dying?

January 13, 2018

Fears about dying? You're not alone!


Since I was a little girl I use to have straight up panic attacks about dying. I would panic so badly that my throat would be constricted and I could barely breathe. 911 was called on before because I could not breathe from panicking about dying.


I thought to myself on a daily basis, "What happens when I die? Will the world go on forever without me? Am I going to be stuck?" Instant panic attack. Afraid to sleep without a light on. Crying. Overwhelmed. Stuck.


Luckily, my parents had placed me in counseling when I was about 8 years old and that helped a bit. But it still ruled my life. I remember vividly asking my mom, "Mom I just touched this and then I touched my sandwich and ate it, are the germs going to get inside of me and kill me now? Am I going to die?!" The most intense time of day for my fear of death was night time.


I laugh at it now but at the time it was so frightening & debilitating. I felt I was constantly stuck. I wasn't able to life and LIVE in the here and now! Instead I was constantly fearing death, the what ifs and the unknown.


Do you or someone you know, have complete fears about dying?




My advice to live your most authentic,

happy, worry-free life when fearing death:


  1. BREATHE. Inhale for 8 counts exhale for 8 counts. Your breath is the most powerful tool in your life.

  2. GROUND. yourself. Plant your feet to the ground, mother earth, and remember you are HERE on this earth. You are not going anywhere foreign.

  3. REMIND. yourself that you here on this Earth and this is just Earth school! You are here to learn, to give, to be, to adventure. What makes you the most happy & calm?

  4. ASSURE. yourself that you may just be a bit overtired, hungry, overwhelmed, stressed, grieving & more. You are not crazy. You are human living this earthly life. You are protected & safe.

  5. EARTH. Use the earth. Water, Whole Foods, Crystals, Sage, Plants, Animals. Earth has all of these beautiful healing offerings right infront of you.










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